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Vaginal Discharge : Common Misconceptions

Vaginal Discharge : Common Misconceptions

vaginal discharge = vaginitis?

Vaginal Discharge : Common Misconceptions

Quick, Fast and Easy Answers. For more information on the vaginal discharge try our article here.

If You’re Still Unfamiliar with Vaginal Discharge

“Should I be concerned about the gooey stuff in my underwear?”

“Why is there fluid coming out when I'm not even aroused?”

Women’s underwear is frequently stained by discharge. This is just a part of life. But it’s not something that we can easily get used to. Especially if you don’t know much about vaginal discharge. So were going to take some time here to clear up some misconceptions, and get a better understanding of this phenomenon. Since we’ll always be together.

3 Misconceptions and the Truth about Vaginal Discharge

Many misconceptions about vaginal discharge impact how we understand and deal with it. Let’s look at three frequently asked questions about it, and get closer to the truth.

1. Vaginal discharge = Vaginitis?

No. Vaginal discharge is not due to vaginitis.

Vaginal discharge is a natural process in a woman’s body after puberty. The uterus and vagina secrete fluid to protect themselves. Discharge cleans the vagina, prevents infection, and keeps the mucous membrane moist.

If your vaginal discharge looks different than usual, it may be due to a health disorder such as vaginitis. Keep a close eye on your body and seek medical treatment if you are concerned.

2. Inside the Vagina = Needs to be Cleaned?

No. The inside of the vagina does NOT need to be washed.

You should never wash the inside of the vagina. A healthy vagina maintains an optimum environment on its own. Washing the inside of your vagina can put this environment at risk.

Inside the vagina are beneficial lactobacilli that maintain its slightly acidic environment. Washing the inside of the vagina breaks down the acidity and makes it more vulnerable to bacterial proliferation. The inside of the vagina may become dry. This creates an environment with a higher risk of infection.

If you want to keep your genitals clean, wash only the vulva with unscented soap or just water. Unless recommended by a professional, using a product to clean the inside of the vagina is unnecessary. The vagina is already doing its job without any help. You only need to keep the vulva clean and make sure there is adequate ventilation.

3. Sour odor = A red light?

No. It’s very common for a healthy vagina to have a sour odor.

A sour odor is naturally produced by the active beneficial bacteria inside the vagina. Depending on the menstrual cycle, sanitary habits, and individual, there are slightly different sour odors.

If there is a strong fishy odor, it could be vaginitis. But remember that there could be a fishy or stronger odor momentarily due to hormonal changes during menstruation. See a doctor if this symptom persists. There is no such thing as a “fragrant vagina”. Don't be disgusted with yours just because it doesn’t smell like roses.

What you Should do to Keep your Vagina Healthy
Avoid humidity

The genitals should be kept at an appropriate humidity and well-ventilated to prevent vaginitis. This is not difficult to achieve.

✅ Make sure the vagina is sufficiently dry after showering.

✅ Do not wear damp underwear or swimsuits for an extended period of time.

✅ Wear cotton underwear that is breathable rather than underwear made of nylon or synthetic fibers.

Regularly visit your obstetrician-gynecologist

Adult women should regularly visit an OB/GYN around once a year for examination. Delaying the treatment of a minor infection like vaginitis can develop into a chronic disease or cause recurrence. If you continue to have concerns about vaginal discharge, don't delay a visit to the hospital. Some concerns are easily solved through timely help.

Observe your vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is valuable data that lets us check the health of our uterus and vagina. The condition of normal discharge can vary from person to person. By simply noting the conditions of your own normal discharge you will be able to notice any abnormalities. Don’t be disgusted by it’s appearance in your underwear, but think of it as a message from your vagina. Don’t leave it on-read, and take care of your health.


  • Vaginal discharge is an essential function of our bodies.
  • There’s no need to clean inside your vagina. It can take care of itself.
  • A sour smell from the vagina is perfectly natural.
  • Recognize and observe your normal vaginal discharge status.
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Expert Advice
Vaginal discharge is an important ally, not something dirty that needs to be washed away.(’The Wonder Down Under’ - Ellen Stokken Dahl and Nina Brochmann)
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