Best Method for Choosing the Right Lube

Best Method for Choosing the Right Lube

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Best Method for Choosing the Right Lube

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Isn’t it just for people with problems? NO!

Lube is not just for older people.

It's not just for people with certain problems.

Lubricants are for anyone who wants to have safer and more enjoyable sex. Adding a little moisture can reduce friction and discomfort and lead to more pleasure. It also helps prevent condoms from tearing. It can also be useful when giving a massage and when inserting a tampon is uncomfortable.

Choosing a lube Based on your condition

🙋‍♀️ If your vagina feels dry

✨ Recommendation: A lubricant that lasts for a long time

Silicon-based lubricants last the longest among lubricants and does not dry out easily, so it does not need to be frequently applied. Water-soluble lubricants can also be used, but be careful of products with added 'glycerin' for high durability. Glycerin can irritate the vagina and cause inflammation, so take a close look at the ingredients table.

🙋‍♀️ If your skin is sensitive

✨ Recommendation: Oil lubricants, organic lubricants

If your skin is sensitive or easily irritated, natural oil lubes such as coconut or avocado oil are recommended. Lubricants based on organic natural ingredients can also add comfort and softness during sex without irritation.

🙋‍♀️ If your preparing to get pregnant

✨ Recommendation: Pregnancy-friendly lubricants

Lubricants may help couples who are worried about infertility or are taking care of their bodies in preparation for pregnancy. When attempting pregnancy leads to stress, sexual desire can decrease or sex can become a chore. However, studies have shown that lubricants may affect sperm's motion and interfere with fertilization. There are some products marked as "sperm-friendly" and "fertility-friendly" that can be used if you are trying to conceive. These products are focused on pregnancy rather than sex.

Choosing a lube Based on the situation

🚀 For use with a condom

✨ Recommendation: Water- or Silicone-based lubricant

Using a combination of lube and condoms will make penetrative sex much smoother and more comfortable. But let's remember. Condoms and oil lubricants cannot be used together. Oil-based lubricants damage the latex of condoms. Therefore, it is recommended to use a water-soluble lubricant that is more similar to women's vaginal fluid and easy to clean, or a silicon-based lubricant that has good compatibility with latex condoms.

First the condom - Then the lube It is recommended that all lubricants be applied to the outside of the condom. If the order is reversed, the contact surface between the condom and the genitals becomes slippery, which can cause it to fall off.

🚀 For use with a sex toy

✨ Recommendation: Water- or Oil-based lubricant

The combination of sex toys and a lubricant can make your ‘me time’ more enjoyable. It should be noted that when a silicone sex toy comes into contact with a silicon-based lubricant, the toy itself can become damaged. Look around for a lube based on something other than silicon.

🚀 For use in water

✨ Recommendation: Silicone lubricant

A silicone-based lubricant that feels smooth and lasts a long time is best for spending a sexy time in the shower. Water-soluble products can be washed down the body with a stream of water. However, as silicone lube doesn’t dry easily and lasts for a long time, it can be difficult to remove, so be careful about cleaning up after.

🚀 For use when massaging

✨ Recommendation: A less irritating lubricant

Massage is great for foreplay. We recommend an oil-based lubricant, which is useful for massaging the body, and in the case of natural oil lubes is generally safe to enter the vagina (without allergies). Organic lubricants are also less irritating to the body and can be used for massages.

Somethings that can NOT be used There are some people who have used commercial baby oil, Vaseline, and body lotion as lubricants. However, these products are made for body moisturization and can be difficult to remove even when cleaned with water. Also, if it enters the vagina, it can cause infection, so always use a specialized product.

Ingredients to avoid

If you are worried about chemical ingredients, it is better to use organic/vegan products or check whether they contain certain ingredients. In fact, the best option is the product with the least unknown ingredients. For safer use, it is recommended to avoid lube with the following ingredients.

  • Glycerin
  • Nonoxynol9
  • Paraben
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Chlorhexidine
  • Benzocaine

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