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Beginner’s Guide to Menstrual Cups

Beginner’s Guide to Menstrual Cups

From the options to the precautions

Beginner’s Guide to Menstrual Cups


These days it seems like everyone is talking about menstrual cups. They were first invented in 1937, but it wasn’t until recent years that they started to gain traction with everyday women. But the transition to menstrual cups isn’t easy for everyone, especially if you have fears about inserting foreign objects or infection risks. So we’ve prepared this little guide, to help you with choosing the right menstrual cup, how to use it, and all the necessary precautions. Here is some information about menstrual cups for beginners. Learn about this whole new world of menstruation care.

The World of the Menstrual Cup

✔️ Finding the “Golden” Cup

Every woman's body is different. Even woman’s vagina is different. The menstrual cup that fits others may not be the right shape or size for you. Look around to find the menstrual cup with the size and design that best fits your vagina. Those who seek the “golden” cup will get what they desire.

1) Measuring the length of the cervix

Just as you might measure your head circumference to buy a hat, you need to know the length of your cervix for the menstrual cup.

The length of the cervix is the length from the entrance of the vagina to the cervix (the opening to the uterus where menstrual blood is produced). Measuring during your period is best for an accurate measurement.

Put your middle finger into the vagina and you will “feel something. The “something” that feels firm and soft like the tip of your nose is your cervix.

Once you’ve reached your cervix, take out your finger and see how far it went.

2) Medical conditions to consider

A high-capacity menstrual cup should be used for heavy flows and a small-capacity menstrual cup for lighter flows.

It is best to use a larger menstrual cup than the one used before giving birth if you had a vaginal delivery.

Find the ideal balance between the strength of your pelvic muscles and the hardness of the cup.

✔️ Practice Using a Menstrual Cup

1) Try various folding methods

The way you fold the cup can help make inserting the menstrual cup more comfortable.

Try and practice until you find the best ways for you.

The easiest folds for beginners are: Best #1 “C Fold” Pinch the sides of the cup to flatten it, then fold it in half to form the shape of a “C.” Pros: it is easy to fold. Cons: the cup becomes wide and insertion can feel difficult. Recommended cup: Soft menstrual cup
Best #2 “Punchdown Fold” Use a finger to push one side of the rim down to the base. Pros: Has small insertion points. Cons: Difficult to do this fold with a soft menstrual cup. Recommended cup: Firm menstrual cup
Best #3 “7 Fold” Pinch the sides of the cup to flatten it, take one corner of the cup and fold it down in the shape of a “7.” Pros: Quick and easy. Cons: The cup size may still be large even after folding. Recommended cup: Firm menstrual cups

2) DIY

Cut off the stem if you find it uncomfortable. But, don’t cut the stem off while the cup is inserted! Be careful about deciding to cut the stem since you can't go back, and it might make it more difficult to remove.

✔️ Using a Menstrual Cup

STEP 1. Preparations

1. Wash your hands. 2. Lightly rinse the cup with water. Do not use soap. 3. Apply water or lubricant (non-silicone) to the rim of the cup. 4. Relax the body and keep a stable posture.

STEP 2. Insertion

1. Fold the cup to a shape that is most comfortable for you to insert. 2. Part the labial lips and hold the cup to the entrance of the vagina. 3. Angle the cup to 45 degrees and insert the cup into the vagina.

Pop! If inserted properly, you will feel or hear the cup unfold inside. If the cup does not unfold on its own, you can unfold it using your fingers. Jumping jacks, squats, and Kegel exercises can be helpful too.

4. If it feels that the menstrual cup is sitting properly, pull the base of the cup slightly to create the seal.

Test Time If you're a beginner, try getting used to the cup by gradually extending the usage time. This is a test to find the appropriate usage time depending on the cup size and your menstrual flow. Once the menstrual cup is properly inserted, you will not feel any discomfort even after long hours of using it.

STEP 3. Removal

1. Clench your abdomen and hip muscles for the menstrual cup to be lowered. 2. Relax your body until your fingers reach the stem and try moving the cup back and forth and lowering it. 3. Pinch the bottom of the menstrual cup, not the stem, and pull down.

Caution on the Direction! The cup should be removed vertically to prevent leakage of the blood in the cup. If it’s difficult to remove the cup vertically, use your fingers to fold the cup to a C to remove it.

STEP 4. Aftercare

  1. Empty the blood into the toilet or the drain.
  1. The cup should be emptied at least two or more times a day.
  1. Sterilize the cup when reusing it.

Perfectly sterilizing your cup Sterilize in boiling water Use a designated cleanser Wipe with rubbing alcohol Dry it in the sun

✔️ TIP. Do I need a menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup requires more skills than other menstrual products. If it’s such a challenge, do you really need to try it? If you’re still on the fence, decide on whether you should try the menstrual cup by considering the following pros and cons.

✔️FAQ. Can I still do ~ with the menstrual cup in?

"Can I use the toilet with a menstrual cup in?"

Urine is released from the urethra and bowel movements are released from the anus. If properly inserted, the menstrual cup is inside the vagina. Urine or feces won’t get on the cup unless you are taking the cup out as you pee. The cup won’t fall out while using the bathroom but test it out if you're worried. If you feel uncomfortable, you can remove the cup before using the toilet.

Can I have sex with a menstrual cup in?”

Some companies advertise that you can have safe sex while wearing a menstrual cup. And some people do have sex while wearing a menstrual cup. However, most medical experts and manufacturers of the menstrual cup don’t advise it. There is room for debate, so make your own decision by reading the guidelines given by the manufacturer of your specific cup.


  • The menstrual cup is an insertable menstruation management tool that is easy to use.
  • It takes some effort to get used to the menstrual cup.
  • But, there will always be a reward for the effort made.

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