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Only Give➔Only Give

Only Give➔Only Give

The Storyteller: Han Sori

Only Give➔Only Give

Now on Another Planet Every person’s fate is like the history of a planet. No two planets are alike and each is distinct. Here we will introduce the planets of others to feed your curiosity. Find wisdom in real stories based on real peoples experiences, thoughts, and lives. Sori Han tells you an interesting story…
The story so far This is a follow up to Sori Han’s article 'The Giving Lover'. It’s more fun if you read them in order!

“So what turns on an ‘only give’ person?”

'From one ‘only give’ to another…

Well… If you ask the people around you, there will be plenty who describe getting turned on by giving pleasure to others. They are excited by the other person's rea

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'온깁'에게 그 무엇보다 가장 중요한 것은...