Coregasm Exercises

Coregasm Exercises

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Coregasm Exercises

Quick, Fast and Easy Answers. For more information on orgasming during exercise try our article on 'Coregasm’

This is ‘Science’. Did you know,

In a survey of 2,000 Americans, 10% of women and men stated they have experienced an exercise-induced orgasm. - The Coregasm Workout, Debby Herbenick

⏳ 1953

Alfred Kinsey’s ground breaking report ‘Sexual Behavior in the Hyman Female’, featured the experiences of women who felt a similar pleasure to orgasms while exercising.

⏳ 2012

아리조나 대학에서 이 현상의 과학적 분석이 처음으로 시작되었다.

Researchers recruited participants, collected data, and gathered sufficient evidence.

The study ultimately proved that “exercise-induced orgasm (EIO)” or

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