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The 5 Most Common First-Time Sex Mistakes

The 5 Most Common First-Time Sex Mistakes

Condoms and lubricants are basic!

The 5 Most Common First-Time Sex Mistakes


When we started to toddle, we didn't only learn how to move our legs. We also learned how to keep our eyes forward, control our speed, keep in step with others, and get up from a fall. As we grew up, we understood what people read into the different ways of walking and the ones each of us likes and dislikes. This process is needed in learning about sex, too. Knowing how to put it in and out is not enough. Sex is not as simple as Lego. You have to learn to make it more enjoyable with fewer slips. Fortunately, you wont fall like when you learned to walk. We are all adults now and can learn from other people's mistakes.

Things That Are So Simp

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