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The G-spot

The G-spot

Fantasy and reality, controversy and consideration

The G-spot


It is said that there is a magic button that leads women directly to orgasm. It's called the G-spot. Many people search for this magical place, but can't find it. What is the reason? Is there a map to guide us? Let’s dig into the fantasies and misunderstandings about the G-Spot.

Why the G-spot is so Hard to Find?

✔️The location can be different for everyone.

The G-Spot is generally thought to sit around 3 to 7 cm inside the vaginal cannel. You should be able to touch the G-spot. Put your finger inside the vagina and make a "come here" gesture with your index finger, touching the front vaginal wall. If you feel a bumpy part, that is the G-spot. But the location varies from p

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