Open Relationship

Open Relationship

It’s not cheating, or a sex addiction it’s…

Open Relationship


And then the princess married the prince and they shared a kiss and lived happily every after. The end. Is monogamy, this exclusive relationship between two people that dominates our current society, a system that really reflects human nature? Only 3-5% of about 5,000 mammals chose monogamy. It’s interesting that this system occurs in only 5% of mammals at the most but is the mainstream in human society. Perhaps this animal instinct is what’s driving many people to reject monogamy, and expand the scope of their intimate relationships.

Shall we… Broaden our Relationship?

About open relationships

An open relationship literally means being “open” to forms of relating

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좋아하는 사람에게 마음을 고백했는데, 이미 연인이 있다며 '오픈 릴레이션십'을 제안한다. 당신은...

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