Sexual Consent and Refusal: 10 Basic Concepts

Sexual Consent and Refusal: 10 Basic Concepts

If you don't know this, don't have sex

Sexual Consent and Refusal: 10 Basic Concepts

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Sex without consent is violence. It is a crime. However, many people have committed this crime without taking the consent process seriously. Civic groups and activists around the world sharing widespread concern are trying to raise awareness of the importance of sexual consent and refusal. Let’s examine whether we have been through valid consent processes in our relationships based on the educational materials distributed by Planned Parenthood, National Domestic Violence Hotline, and other organizations in the US.

The propositions listed below are basic concepts of ‘consent and refusal.’

It seems very obvious that these ten rules are what we are supposed to follow. This obviousness makes us wonder why so many civic groups are speaking up and running campaigns to raise awareness of these rules. However, we live in a world where judges interpret ‘putting meat in gamjatang (pork stew) on someone’s plate out of kindness’ as implicit consent. Some obvious things are not considered obvious here. So we must keep emphasizing the irrefutable proposition: Every person has the inviolable right to make their own free decisions on sexual matters.

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