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Sex Education Teacher’s ‘First Time Tutorial’

Sex Education Teacher’s ‘First Time Tutorial’

The Storyteller: Kim MinJung

Sex Education Teacher’s ‘First Time Tutorial’

Now on Another Planet Every person’s fate is like the history of a planet. No two planets are alike and each is distinct. Here we will introduce the planets of others to feed your curiosity. Find wisdom in real stories based on real peoples experiences, thoughts, and lives. Minjeong Kim tells you an interesting story…

... and one day they fell in love. Love is the chemistry of the moment, the crazy desire under the influence of dopamine, the process of indulging in each other.

In the stage of madness where you miss them even when your looking at them, there is nothing left but an obsession with the moment when the body and mind become one…

... .. ... 🤷‍♀️

The tale of the first sexual experience of an able-bodied, cisgender women and cisgender man, in heterosexual union, is so innate and so powerful that it can be almost impossible to imagine any other scenario. Any other options. Though if you think about it a bit more, there are so many, diverse first time experiences in the world.

Cisgender? - a person whose sense of identity and gender corresponds with their biological sex characteristics at birth (assigned sex). The opposite of transgender.

It’s not easy to summarize first time experiences representing the full diversity of people, love, gender and sexuality all on one page. That’s not to say that there isn’t a universal and essential factor that is shared across these experiences. What do you need to have and what do you need to prepare for your first time? These are the questions that anyone wanting to have sex should consider. It just happened, the mood was right, we thought it was time… rather than a passive approach like this, making a plan and preparing can help to ensure a safe and pleasurable first time having sex

S T E P 1 Explore my body and my sexuality, and make my own decisions about sex

Although gender stereotypes and inadequate sex education are realities in our society, all women should feel confident in understanding their bodies and desires. Your first time having sex shouldn’t be a sombre ceremony gifting your well-kept purity to a partner, but an independent decision made as a woman based on her own wants and needs.

The first condition for your first time is that it should be what “You Want”.

How can we make an independent decision about what we want?

It helps if you have a concrete idea of how you want your first time to play out.

Questions like, Do I want to have sex now? Do I want to have sex with this partner? Do I feel like my body is ready for this now? Where do I want to have this experience?… can help you develop your own criteria. Knowing what you don’t want can help too. Not there. Not while drunk. Not on the first date. If you want to have your first time in your college dorm room after a bit of kissing, go for it. If you want a comfortable space with candles and roses, prepare it for yourself. The key here is to ‘know your own desires, and not lose yourself immersed in someone else’s’

S T E P 2 Choosing a partner who is right for me

What kind of person should I choose to explore this independent decision with?

Above all, it would be preferable to have someone who you have built up a comfortable connection with, to make for a safe and enjoyable first time. Let’s look at a few conditions for a good partner to help you feel confident in your choice.

Making the decision yourself on when and with whom to have sex for the first time is a necessary condition to experiencing safe and respectful sex. If you can find a good partner, the probability of making great memories will also increase.

Definition of a ‘First Time’ Does a first time have to involve physical penetration? Does that mean sex without penetration isn’t really sex? We want to say a resounding ‘no’ to these questions. Only you can define what sex means to you. The same rule applies for your first time. The experience you define as your ‘first time’, will become your first time when you experience it. Remember, no violent or forced act can ruin or take the place of a special moment.

S T E P 3 Required Materials : Consent, Contraceptives, and a Comfortable Space

Different to masturbating by yourself, communicating with your partner and ensuring consent is essential. Sexual consent means not just consenting to sexual activity before it starts, but also agreeing that you can stop at anytime throughout. You should also agree on any kinds of contact or behaviour that are off limits. In a truly equal relationship you should feel comfortable expressing both consent and rejection. This means that silence or hesitation are not consent.

It’s also important to remember that there are consequences involved with having sex. If you are a female having penetrative sex with a cis-gender male understand that there is a risk of getting pregnant, and if you don’t want to get pregnant you need to use contraception. The decision of if and when to get pregnant is a matter for individual women to decide. Unplanned pregnancies are shown to have a great impact on a woman’s studies, career and general outcomes in life.

During sex education classes, I often ask students what they think they need to prepare for their first sexual experience. I get a range of answers, including money for a motel, scented candles, sexy underwear, lube, and toiletries like shower gel. But no answer would be complete without ‘this’. One of the most important things to prepare for your first time having sex is a condom. The other two are clear consent and a comfortable space.

Candy and Condoms While teaching high school students at the Seoul Youth Sexual Culture Center, I once asked the question, "What should I prepare for my first time having sex?” Students chose from items provided by the center (perfume, shower items, a model car, model house, condoms, underwear, money, lube, fishnet stockings, scented candles, board game consoles, O/X cards, red ginseng candies, etc) putting what they think they will need in a basket One male student chose a red ginseng candy and money. “Why did you choose candy and money?” “Men need to be strong of course! Candy for energy, and money to pay for the motel.” The boy answered excitedly. For similar reasons there were other students who chose the cars to look good to women, or mesh stockings. The teenagers laughed as they presented their choices, and only around half selected condoms. What did the girls say when asked the same question? Many chose shower products, perfumes, and scented candles, showing that cleanliness and creating a romantic atmosphere are what they considered important. I still remember the one female student who chose the O/X card representing consent. It was a shock for me, that out of over 20 students only one person thought that consent was an important thing to prepare for their first time having sex. The percentage of female students choosing contraception wasn’t 100% either.

Condoms are the cheapest contraceptive method with the least side effects while protecting from pregnancy and STI’s. When planning your first time some kind of contraception is not an option but a requisite.

At least, we’ve uncovered the formula for having a safe first time.

Now we can move forward into a world of desire and joy through fun and safe sex.


  • What to prepare for a safe first time having sex…
  • My conviction, a decent partner, consent and condoms

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