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Woman on Top

Woman on Top

I control the sex, I set the pace.

Woman on Top


It’s my life. I am a strong and independent woman. So why is there so much I can’t control? Surviving in this dog-eat-dog world is not easy, but why should we let those frustrations continue into the bedroom? Climb on top of your partner and experience the freedom of movement, and the power of control.

Feel the Joy of Control

Ride ‘em Cowgirl🙆‍♀️

Woman on Top is more often known as Cowgirl Position, so-called because it resembles riding a horse. If you’ve ever seen a rodeo you might feel inspired by the way cowgirls can climb up and balance on top of a raging bull, and you might want to bring some of that inspiration into your next sexual interaction.

The most basic Woma

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