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My First Masturbation

My First Masturbation

Let’s start with the Clitoris

My First Masturbation


There are countless ways to masturbate. However, if you have never masturbated or have only tried indirect masturbation, like crossing your legs tightly, we recommend using your hands for your first solo sex experience. All you need is a pair of clean hands.

The surest way to achieve orgasm

✔️ Is masturbation a must-do?

There is no law that says you must masturbate. But if you want to orgasm, it’s time to practice solo sex. If you have experienced an orgasm during solo sex, you will be more likely to reach orgasm during sex with a partner. The thing to note is that you can orgasm without a partner. Masturbation is not a sin. You are enough for yourself.

✔️ Clitor

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