Edging (Orgasm Control)

Edging (Orgasm Control)

Things that come when you pause…

Edging (Orgasm Control)


If you can feel an ecstatic orgasm through partnered sex or masturbation alone, I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations and applause. However, just because you have experienced orgasm through sex or masturbation doesn’t mean you have conquered everything there is to experience. If you take one step further past the realm of normal, a new challenge called ‘Orgasm Control’ is waiting.

Pleasure after Pain

Edging, Extend your Play

Edging, or orgasm control is a sex technique for both men and women. Here, the word 'control', does not mean that the orgasm can be ordered about at will. It is 'control' through the act of restriction. But why should orgasms b

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