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Kama Sutra (5 Positions to Try)

Kama Sutra (5 Positions to Try)

The key to pleasure from an ancient philosopher

Kama Sutra (5 Positions to Try)


“How’s your sex life?” If you don’t have a positive answer, take a second to consider why. If the cause seems to be that repeating similar sexual interactions is causing boredom, take some time to listen to the teachings of ancient philosophers from thousands of years ago. Find your way through literature, with the enriching sex and love scriptures of the world famous Kama Sutra.

Like a Magic Spell, The Kama Sutra

About the Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra, well known to us today as a book for love and sexual pleasure, is a Sanskrit literary work written by the ancient Indian philosopher Vātsyāyana. Unlike the popular image, the actual Kama Sutra is more of a phi

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