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Condoms are currently the only contraception in the world that can be used by men. It’s also a contraceptive method that can prevent the spread of infections or viruses between the penis and the vagina or anus. Even for women taking an oral contraceptive, or with intra-cervical contraceptive devices, using a condom is the best method to avoid catching or transmitting an STI. Let’s learn a bit about how to use condoms correctly, and ensure a safer sex life.

A Tool to Prevent Pregnancy or the Spread of STI’s

✔️ Contraceptive Effect

  • Success Rate

- Condoms when used correctly 97%

- When used in reality 86%

  • Advantages

- Cheap price and easy to buy

- Can prevent the spread of STI’s like Herpes, Hepatitis B, HIV, and Gonorrhea

- Proof that the semen was contained can provide peace of mind for women

  • Drawbacks

- Because it’s worn by men there needs to be trust between both parties for purchase, preparation and use.

- Some think that it can reduce pleasure

- Because it also block any precum you might need to use lube for extra lubrication.

✔️ Buying Condoms

  • Where?

You can by condoms easily from a variety of places, like the pharmacy, convenience stores, vending machines, shopping centres or online stores.

  • How Much?

In Korea the best selling condom brands include Okamoto, Ausung and Playboy. The representative product from each of these brands are sold on online marketplaces for;

- Okamoto 0.03 Realfit : 20pack 18,000원, 900원 each

- Ausung Slim Ultra-thin : 30pack 19,800원, around 666원 each

- Playboy Ultra-thin : 20pack 11,800원, 590원 each

The top condom brands leading the global market include British owned Durex, American made Trojan, Australian founded SKYN and Japanese designed Okamoto. The average price for these products around the world may vary by location or retailer. - Durex Thin Feel : 20pack £16.99 , €19.20 , $21.50 - Trojan Bareskin : 24pack £13.58 , €15.61 , $15.75 - Lifestyles SKYN Original : 24pack £9.94 , €11.42 , $11.10 - Okamoto 0.03 Realfit : 24pack £29.95 , €36.12 , $35.95

✔️ Using Condoms

0. Make sure to put a condom on before the penis touches the partners genitals.

You should wear a condom when engaging in oral sex, anal sex, or when sharing sex toys. For oral sex you could alternatively use a ‘dental dam’.

1. Take care when opening the condom packaging.

Make sure the condom doesn’t tear or get a hole, and check for any defects.

1-1. Double check that the condom is put on in the right direction.

The space at the end of the condom is to collect the semen after ejaculation, make sure it’s facing outward. The condom should roll easily down the length of the penis, if not it might be on inside out.

2. Put the condom on the head of the erect penis.

A condom should fit close to the penis, but not uncomfortably tight. If the penis is not fully erect when you try to put the condom on it might be difficult to apply and could potentially come of during penetration.

3. Press on the end of the condom to remove any air.

You should try to prevent any air from getting trapped in the end of the condom when you put it on. If you don’t it could increase the risk of the condom breaking during sex.

4. Roll the condom down to the base of the penis.

Gently roll the condom down the shaft while holding on to the tip, pushing out any air bubbles until you read the base.

~ Enjoy some great sex. ~

Fear of unwanted pregnancy or contracting an STI can interfere with a woman’s experience of sexual pleasure. Apply condoms properly and allow yourself to relax and enjoy your healthy sex life.

5. After ejaculation hold the end of the condom at the base and withdraw the penis.

After ejaculating, remove the penis before the erection begins to fade. Hold the condom securely at the base of the penis to prevent it from slipping off.

6. Tie up the opening of the condom to prevent any semen from coming out, wrap the condom in tissue and put it in the bin.

Just remember to never try to flush condoms down the toilet.

✔️ Quick Questions about Condoms

  • How long do condoms last?

If condoms are sealed and stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight the should last for up to five years.

However, condoms left in wallets or pockets for more than a month are likely to get damaged. If they are damaged then they shouldn’t be used.

  • Can teenagers buy condoms?

There is no age limit for purchasing condoms. While access to condoms is sometimes difficult they can be purchased by anyone around the world. The only country that outright bans the sale of condoms is North Korea. In South Korea the sale of specialty condoms, such as ribbed or spiked, is regulated to adults only. In some countries the seller may refuse to sell to teenagers based on religious or moral beliefs.

If social or financial pressure makes it difficult to buy condoms at a store, you may be able to purchase them online, at vending machine, or receive them for free from a local youth or reproductive health centre. Under no circumstances should other materials, like plastic wrap or a plastic bag be used instead.

  • How about duel-method contraception?

If you want to be 100% confident you can try duel-method contraception. You can combine the oral contraceptive pill and condoms, or condoms and an inter-uterine device to increase you’re protection from both unwanted pregnancy and STI’s.

Not recommended : Condom + Pulling out While it might seem safer pulling out while using a condom can actually increase the chances of the condom breaking. In terms of contraception ‘Pulling Out’ is not a recommended method at all.

  • What is stealthing?

Damaging or removing contraception during a sexual relationship without the partners permission is called stealthing. Countries around the world are beginning to recognise and prepare legal sanctions against stealthing as criminal sexual behaviour, but it is still not well understood within society. In many countries it is very difficult to punish someone for stealthing even if it has resulted in unwanted pregnancy or an STI.


  • Condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STI’s.
  • Condoms can be purchased by anyone, from a variety of places.
  • Learn how to use condoms correctly and enjoy sex responsibly.

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