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Dental Dam

Dental Dam

A condom just for oral sex?

Dental Dam


Did you know that many STI’s are also transmitted through oral sex? One method to avoid this is by using a Dental Dam. For safer sex and better head, read on!

Oral Sex Essential, The Dental Dam

✔️ What is it?

A Dental Dam is a thin sheet made of latex. It’s commonly used in dental treatment, which is how it got it’s name. But, it can also be used to protect against STI’s during oral sex.

✔️ When do you use it?

While condoms are used for penises or phallic shaped sex toys during penetrative sex, a dental dam is recommended when engaging in oral sex. So, when someone is using their mouth to pleasure the vagina or anus, a dental dam can be used for protection.

✔️ Why should yo

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