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Position Motion Dictionary - Doggy Style

Position Motion Dictionary - Doggy Style

Pay attention to the position and movement of the hips!

Position Motion Dictionary - Doggy Style

One-point lessons for better sex In life, the things that come without effort are generally not worth much. You have to work for it. For your orgasm. We’ll show you how here.

Doggy Style

‘From Behind’ positions are known to optimize deep penetration and provide intense stimulation.

Commonly known as ‘doggy style’, they are amongst the most popular positions worldwide.

It may also be the ‘key’ for those looking for their G-Spot.

How To
Basic Position

  • The receiving partner kneels down first, putting their hands on the floor and raising their upper body slightly.
  • The penetrating partner sits behind and positions the penis to insert into the vagina or anu
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