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Queefing (Vagina Fart)

Queefing (Vagina Fart)

It's not farting. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Queefing (Vagina Fart)


Queefing is the sound made when air escapes from a woman’s vagina. It may be referred to as a vagina fart, but it actually has nothing to do with flatulence released from the anus. It’s a natural physical phenomenon, so there’s no need to be shy. If someone questions your queef, just let them know the facts shared below.

Three things we can’t hide; love, a sneeze and a queef.

✔️ Just what is a Queef?

A queef is a sound made when air that has entered the vaginal canal is dispelled.

When a genital, finger or sex toy is inserted into the vagina air can enter also. If you move your body in this state, the air trapped in the vagina can escape and the friction can produce a sound.

Regardless of sexual activities, when the stomach muscles are tightened or the body is relaxed, trapped air can be emitted by abdominal pressure, making a sound.

Situations that can cause Queefing - when doing Kegel exercises - when you change positions - when the inside of the vagina contracts in an excited state - when you relax during exercise - any action that can bring in air, such as sneezing or putting on underwear
Queefing is not the same as farting Unlike a fart, a queef cannot be controlled. Unlike the sphincter muscles, the vaginal muscles can not easily be controlled. It is not discharge from the intestines or anus, but a collection of pure air, so it doesn’t smell like a fart either.

✔️ If you want to reduce it

Queefing is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can make you uncomfortable if it happens too often. In that case, you can try the following methods.

1) Reduce hard penetrative sex. Your queefing could be being caused by your partner. You can reduce the amount of air pushed into the vaginal canal by penetrating slowly and allowing for more time when changing positions. In particular, queefs can occur more often in doggy style, as the penis is deeper inside the vagina.

2) Use lubrication. It’s possible to delay the escape of air by using lube, which can hold onto the air inside the vaginal canal.

3) Don’t focus on it. If you try to constrict your vagina to prevent air from escaping, sex could become more painful. While some theorize that Kegel exercises can help, in reality they have little to do with the build up of air inside the vagina. It’s important to remember that queefing is totally normal for vaginas.

When should you go to the hospital? There’s no need to see a doctor just because of queefing. It may appear at the same time as other symptoms however, which could require treatment. If you experience pain during sex, or the symptoms of an infection you should seek medical advice.


  • A queef is a natural physical phenomenon
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