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Position Motion Dictionary : Amazon Sex

Position Motion Dictionary : Amazon Sex

Explore your instinct to conquer!

Position Motion Dictionary : Amazon Sex

One-point lessons for better sex In life, the things that come without effort are generally not worth much. You have to work for it. For your orgasm. We’ll show you how here.

Amazon Sex

Can the person being penetrated lead the sex? Why not!

Amazon Sex is the most dominant among the "woman-on-top" positions.

Take a ride on your partner’s body and maximize the joy of being in control.


Amazon Sex - Get in Position
  1. The person below bends their knees 90 degrees and rolls their body up to lift their legs.
  1. The person on top inserts the partner's genitals and slowly lowers themself over their partner's thighs.
  1. They should sit carefully with their knees on
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