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AROOO’s CEO’s Sunday Routine

AROOO’s CEO’s Sunday Routine

Launching the world's best lube <Geukgrak Gel>, this CEO is busy busy!

AROOO’s CEO’s Sunday Routine

Check out A Room of One’s Own’s first Lubricant <Geukrak Gel> Here - 오늘(11/13) 저녁 6시 텀블벅 OPEN - 얼리버드 ‘극락 혜택’ 꼭 누리기
SUNDAY ROUTINE What are the people who create A Room of One’s Own really like? Take a look into MJ’s Sunday Routine and experience it for yourself.

What would a crazy-filled Sunday in the life of a sex tech start-up CEO who loves her job look like?

November 2023, one random weekend. The CEO of AROOO, a startup that runs a special space only for adult women, A Room of One’s Own, greets the morning. D-7, the time remaining before presenting to her Roomies the best quality Lubricant that she helped make. Busy! Busy! Busy!

9 : 00 Reluctantly, I awake

There's nothing more wasteful to me than time spent sleeping. My routine is to hold out as long as I can and then meet the morning without joy. Weekends are no different. It's so hard to get up. Anyway, I wake up and go exercise. I force myself to do Pilates. It's a survival exercise to help me work for longer without getting sick.

Ari (The editor of A Room of One’s Own) recently told me that in the historical Admiral Yi Sun-Sin's personal diaries the word ‘reluctantly’ came up a lot. Reluctantly, continuously, the person who holds out can achieve anything. It is something comforting for all those great people who have endured hard times day after day.

11 : 00 <Geukrak Gel> Morning Meeting w. The Avengers

Now, time to get to work. The light returns to my eyes. The dopamine soars. I check out how much ‘A Room of One’s Own’ grew overnight, what the Roomies have been posting, how well things are going.

🤸 There really exists a crazy woman who loves to work!

But really! I can't believe this is my job. I'm amazed all over again. How can my job be so cool? It's already been four years, but is it still normal to be so excited? It's such a special experience to be able to make a career out of doing what I love. My close friends didn't expect this… I didn't know either, that I would become such a work-crazy person.

The most interesting thing to do today is to meet with people in the cosmetics industry. It’s for a request that many people have made in ‘A Room of One’s Own’. We launched the <Geukrak Gel> project to respond to the need for “a lubricant that women can trust.". Through a twist of fate, we have connected with industry experts and are running towards our goal of creating the 'Best Lubricant'. A chat room that burns brightest at dawn, a meeting that flows smoothest on the weekend. It's always thrilling and fun.

13 : 00 Weekend Work with my Team @fyi

After the meeting, I eat gimbap with my team members. We take a moment to chill out while eating and then start the team meeting right away.

🤸🤸 One crazy woman and her crazy team, creating something amazing

Let me tell you one good thing about start-ups. It means you can choose who you want to work with. If I'm with people who are as serious about this as I am, I can push it more, more, more. There are so many cool people in this world. There are a lot of people like me who don't compromise. The moment we decided to make the best lubricant, our 'Geukrak gel', I was surprised by the sincerity that flooded in.

We carefully tested different combinations to achieve the best lubricating power with natural and organic ingredients, without glycerin. The sincerity of going down to Jiri Mountain to make our "Jiri Mountain Formula" that has never been seen before. Painstakingly researching pharmaceutical centers to find safe containers. How wonderful will the results of this sincerity eventually be… What kind of influence will it have on this world… When I think about it, my heart feels like it doubles in size.

 Made through our blood, sweat and tears 🧪 The Secrets of <Geukrak Gel>

We read all of our Roomies requests posted in The Circle. And we’ve rounded up the five elements needed to be The Best Lube.

➊ Safe and easy for women to use

➋ No controversial ingredients, only the good stuff

➌ Environmentally friendly

➍ Lasts for a long time

➎ Packaging that isn’t embarrassing or obvious

Such a perfect gel, couldn't be found anywhere in the world so we made it ourselves. We have added a whole new level of pleasure, a mysterious formula that literally opens the door to 'Paradise' (Geukrak in Korean) We present our <Geukrak Gel>.

19 : 00 The Drive back Home feat. Avanty

When the sun goes down, I part with my team members until tomorrow. I come home and facetime with my husband for a while while having dinner alone. My husband is away on a business trip for a month. It's a shame, but I think it's a relief that we're both busy at the same time. A couple who respects each other's work, isn't it kind of romantic? If you eat while talking face to face, it's a date!

After finishing up dinner, and a few important things, it finally starts to feel like the weekend. I'm going back home, where my parents and dog, Doogie, are waiting. The most amazing thing here? It means I get to drive. Driving time is like meditation to me. I feel like I've bounced around all day and then can come down to earth for a while. Your hands are tied to the steering wheel and your feet are tied to the pedals, so you can't think about anything else, and finally your mind can rest.

💸 The best purchase a girl can make with ₩3million KRW

My most recommended purchases for adult women are A Room of One’s Own, Geukrak Gel, and a car! I bought my second hand Avante (Avanty) for around 3million won. It’s more affordable than you might think! The practicality, the confidence to go anywhere… It’s the best thing you can buy for 3 million won.

20 : 00 Evening Walk w. Doogie & Mom

When I come home, I take a walk with my mom and Doogi. Doogi is the world's loveliest long-hair Chihuahua. Since I moved out of home, I decided to make sure to go visit at least once a month. I can go to Doogie whenever I want, but Doogie can’t come to me. However, as I started my business, I learned how difficult it is to meet even once a month. But no matter how busy you are, it’s important to remember what is precious! I try to always remind myself.

👵 Mom will hand out <Geukrak Gel> flyers!

Even just chatting with my mom, I end up talking about work. We talk about the gel that my team and I are making these days. Why we are making it, how we are making it, what meaning it has… After listening to the explanation, my mom claps her hands and tells me how amazing she thinks her daughter is. “Let’s make flyers right now. I’ll hand them out to everyone in the neighborhood” she says. I almost cried.

My mother has always said that I was a bit unusual ever since I was a kid, but in reality I’m just like her. A daughter who resembles her mother starts ‘A Room of One’s Own’, and helps other women’s daughters to grow… that’s why this business is bound to succeed.

22 : 00 Work, work, work until dawn @Brooklyn

Sucess! Success! Success! I’ve made up my mind, but still a dangerous time comes. When you feel a little sleepy, you think maybe you can just rest your eyes… No time for that!

At this time I give myself my favorite gift. I play an Amy Winehouse song, open a bottle of wine, and get back to work. Then everything starts to look exciting again. I take a selfie. I should brag about today’s freedom to my beloved Roomies.

Now the morning sun rises in America, and I'm here talking to the Dame team in Brooklyn. We're coordinating for our planned business trip to the U.S. in December. I'll be busy when Monday comes. It will be difficult to find a time that is as quiet as it is now. I'll have to think about what to say at the weekly meeting in advance. 'Positive statistics, indicators of growth, vision for the future, well done everyone, yes. But we have more to do!’

03 : 00 Falling asleep w. Geukrak Gel & a Toy

I really work until I feel like I can't stand it anymore, and then I finally lie down to sleep. But once I lie down, my eyes refuse to close... You know what I mean? My body refuses to rest after working with all that excitement throughout the day.

🛏️ At moments like these, masturbation is the answer!

‘Masturbation before sleeping’ has always been a part of my routine. Masturbation can help make you drowsy and bring sleep. I don’t use any audio-visual material, I prefer to immerse myself in my own senses.

Sadly, these days masturbation has become like work… but the combination of Geukrak gel and Eva… amazing... sleep… is coming… zzZZ


Any Roomies curious about our <Geukrak Gel> we worked so hard to make Check it out here 미리보기

자기만의방 야심작. <극락젤>이 기대된다면

<극락젤> 가장 기대되는 건!

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