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Position Motion Dictionary : BlowJob

Position Motion Dictionary : BlowJob

There are positions that increase the pleasure for BOTH of you!

Position Motion Dictionary : BlowJob

One-point lessons for better sex In life, the things that come without effort are generally not worth much. You have to work for it. For your orgasm. We’ll show you how here.


Fellatio, oral sex, blow job.

Let’s learn how to caress the male genitalia with our mouths.

There are techniques to increase the enjoyment of both the giver and the receiver.


Blowjob - Stimulating from Above
  1. The receiving partner sits on a bed or chair, and the giving partner kneels on the floor, aligning their eyes with the genitals.
  1. The angle of the gaze is comfortable and allows for easy communication, but the position can still feel a little authoritative so it’s
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