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Frida Kahlo’s Sunday Routine

Frida Kahlo’s Sunday Routine

Get Ready With Me In a Garden in Mexico

Frida Kahlo’s Sunday Routine

SUNDAY ROUTINE This Women’s History Month, the stories of great women. Read and experience Frida Kahlo’s Sunday schedule with us.

What would the perfect day look like for an artist?

One Sunday in the 1930s, Frida Kahlo awakens in Mexico. Follow the joy of life, one Sunday in the 1930s, Frida Kahlo woke up in Mexico. Follow a day of an artist indulging in 'Alegria' the joy of life.

7 : 00 Frida’s Beauty Routine

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to look in the mirror. I see a woman with facial hair and a blunt look with a protruding nose. But the eyes and eyebrows are really pretty. The model I find most attractive is myself. My favorite palette is my face.

Instead of sighing while looking at the beard you don't like, why don't we choose a flower corsage to put on our hair today? Pull our hair back tightly, pin it in and fix it, then attach a colorful ribbon and a large flower corsage. Since the weather is nice today, I'd like pink roses. It would be great to pick the small buds in our garden and stick them all on together.

I only apply moisturizing cream on my skin and don't use foundation or concealer. I like the color of my skin, mixed with the blood of various races. Instead, I choose a bold color and apply a lot of blush. I usually use the pink blush from LeBlon. I'm going to apply the same brand of magenta lipstick. The most important thing is eyebrows and eyelashes. I'm going to make them look like the wings of a black angel, using the eyebrow and mascara products from Dulika to emphasize each strand. I'll brush the moustache on my lips with a small brush.

I feel refreshed after I finish my makeup and smile broadly in the mirror. I think today will be a good day. Now, I choose a shawl that suits my makeup and put it on, and use a pink nail polish to make my nails shine. Even on days when I don't meet anyone, I always try to make myself the most beautiful. I think that looks the most like me.

10 : 00 A Long Long Brunch

I prepare a meal by the time my fat, loving, anger-causing husband Diego has woken up, late in the morning. There are people who help with the housework, but I like to cook by myself. Especially, I like to make food for Diego, it kind of feels like I'm taking care of a big, hungry pet.

At a garden table surrounded by wildflowers in Mexico, we have a very long breakfast. Sometimes we sit down and chat until lunch time has passed. While reading letters together, we make plans for what to do this week, discuss politics, and quarrel while being jealous of each other's lovers.

Diego and I have a lot in common. We paint, we love parties, we believe in communism. We love each other horribly, but we continue to cheat on each other. Diego is the one who makes me the happiest and saddest.

When I found out that he slept with my sister, everything in the world seemed to fall apart, but... We're still together now. His many irresponsible acts make me angry, but the passionate murals he paints, this beautiful house we decorated together, make me feel uncontrollable affection. My friends ask me why I keep living with Diego, but I made the choice that made me the happiest. I can leave Diego when my life with him doesn't make me happy anymore. My love is not a sacrifice, but a crazy happiness.

14 : 00 Mexico City Cafe Tour

Diego ate a ridiculous amount of ham and went up to his studio. The house is connected by a small bridge between Diego's studio and mine, and is the most unique and sophisticated of the city. Whenever I invite my friends, they look up at the bridge and admire it. It feels good to hear every time.

I call a driver and go downtown. I will meet my friends and go visit the hottest cafes and bars in Mexico City. Before that, I should go to the hospital first. Painkillers have become an indispensable part of my life since I was hit by a tram at the age of 18. But there's nothing in my life that's just bad. The strong painkillers make me feel faint, but they help me move, and sometimes they give me an artistic sense of intoxication.

When I meet my friends, I scream and make a fuss. I always want to live a life like a party. You feel the joy of life when you're surrounded by friends and their friends. I had been homesick for the past few years when I left my friends and lived in America with Diego.

My friends told me that they read my interview in America, hmm. I think I said something pretty cool back then, when the Detroit News asked me about my life as Diego's wife. My friends asked me to say it again, so I took the posture of an arrogant artist and said this.

"Of course, (Diego) does pretty well for a little boy, but it is I am who am the big artist.”

19 : 00 Shal I… Draw?

The great artist returns to the studio after farewelling her friends and sits in front of the easel. I don't think I'm a great, sincere artist. As soon as I sit down, I get distracted by other thoughts. In fact, the best place to draw is the bed. When my health gets worse and I have to be stuck in bed, I want to escape from it, so I paint.

I sit still and look at the piece I'm working on, but I don't think I can do it, so I just shake my hands and move on. I've been drawing about families since I made up with Diego. I drew the child who might have existed. If that child was born, I think which parts would look like Diego and which like me. And then I just quit. Well, there are days like that sometimes, right?

22 : 00 Finishing the Day with Wine and Dessert

I'm going to pile up a plate of fruits and drink wine until late at night with Diego. I hope you all know how delicious Mexican fruits are. Even after the worst day, you'll hum after eating these sweet things.

My favorite dessert is coconut-stuffed limes. The recipe is really simple, so make sure to try it.

🥥 Frida's Coconut-Stuffed Limes Recipe 🥥

Scoop out the filling of fresh limes

Boil the lime peel with sugar water

Crush the coconut into small pieces and boil it down in the sugar water

Mould the softened coconut into a circle and put it in a lime peel and it's done!

When you take a bite, you can feel the fresh scent and chewy texture of the lime, then your mouth is filled with the sweet and sensual flavor of the coconut. Oh, I wish life was always this sweet.

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