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Position Motion Dictionary : Rolls-Royce

Position Motion Dictionary : Rolls-Royce

The ultimate position created by a porn star?

Position Motion Dictionary : Rolls-Royce

One-point lessons for better sex In life, the things that come without effort are generally not worth much. You have to work for it. For your orgasm. We’ll show you how here.

✔ An applied version of the kneeling ‘doggy style’ position.

✔ More people have taken up the challenge after it was recommended as the ultimate position by pornstars.

✔ It is said that it can stimulate not only the G-spot but also the female erogenous zone called the P-spot at the same time, providing great pleasure for those suited to it.

How To
Basic Position
  • Check out the Position Motion Dictionary : Doggy Style submission

Grab hold of the Butt
  • A wa
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