Sexpert Midterm : Play

Sexpert Midterm : Play

Grade 4 or lower, please come to the teacher's office

Sexpert Midterm : Play

What is my sexpert ranking?!

You can get pregnant just from kissing

O / X

You can feel orgasm during OOO

O / X

‘you don’t know this?’ vs ‘do you know this?’

In this era of sex ed polarization, find out your ranking

(* Passing grade for responsible adults is at least level 3! )

Press the ‘PLAY’ button To start the <Sexpert Midterm> test!

🖤 Find your sexpert level

🖤 Get some tips to increase your sex appeal

🖤 Get customized content recommendations

🖤  You can compare scores with friends and lovers

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If you want to get the answers before you try (sneaky 🤫) ✧ Sexpert Midterm : Answers and Explanations

나의 예상 성지식 등급은?

나의 실제 성지식 등급은?

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