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Today’s Random - Position (🍋Mild)

Today’s Random - Position (🍋Mild)

Key Position 20 for Beginner Perv’s

Today’s Random - Position (🍋Mild)

In this vast universe 🛸

Living with only two kinds of sex.

Until now, throughout your life, how many positions have you tried? Too many to count on one hand? A survey of a thousand Americans in 2013 found that 2 out of 3 simply repeat the same 2~4 positions. The rest answered that they alternate between 5~7 positions, and sometimes try something new.

Of course, even simple positions can be fun enough.

But! More positions and more communication with your partner can help you find new pleasure.

Have you ever even spoken about it? Let’s look at another survey about ‘communication during sex’. Only 30% of participants answered that they have discussed positions

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