AROOO Interview: SEX TOY / LIFE 04

AROOO Interview: SEX TOY / LIFE 04

Roomie Nadaeng and her Sakura

AROOO Interview: SEX TOY / LIFE 04

INTERVIEW WITH AROOO SEX TOY / LIFE 01 - 05 International Women’s Day brought AROOO a little closer to Roomies’ lives. We knocked on some of our Roomies’ doors, said hello, and asked them to show us their sex toys. They graciously took them out, showed them to us, and told us why they bought each of them and how to use them. — Because they knew that the other Roomies would be curious!

Let us introduce the 4th interviewee of the series <Interview with AROOO: Sex Toy / Life>.

Roomie Nadaeng is a student who has long admired the people behind the camera. But today, she will stand in front of the camera to tell Roomies an interesting story: How she starte

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