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Interview : First time, Expectations vs Reality

Interview : First time, Expectations vs Reality

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Interview : First time, Expectations vs Reality

In our article ‘Top 5 Mistakes People Make on their First Time’ we asked everyone ‘was your first time different to what you expected?’ or was it similar? 76% of those who have experienced it answered that it was ‘different’ to their expectations. 45% said that it was ‘very different’. How did their first time having sex differ from their expectations? We met up with some of our Roomies and got the details.

The upcoming interviews will be a hint of what's to come for those who haven't had their first time yet. And for those of you who have already experienced it, you can be relieved and comforted. It's not just me, regardless of what my first t

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☑️ 첫 섹스, 언제 했나요?

☑️  첫 섹스, 누구와 했나요?

☑️ 첫 섹스, 어디서 했나요?

☑️ 첫 섹스, 하게된 이유는?

☑️ 첫 섹스, 동의의 과정은?

☑️ 첫 섹스, 피임했나요?

☑️ 얼마나 만족했나요?

☑️ 돌아가면 수정하고 싶은 것은?