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Good News Tarot - July’s Fortune

Good News Tarot - July’s Fortune

What will happen this summer?

Good News Tarot - July’s Fortune

To be Continued : Serial Content with surprising news every time Beensent, a firm but friendly tarot reader, is here to sympathize with you. Even if you can't find a clear answer, you can prepare for that less lonely and less hopeless day that’s coming soon.

Hello everyone, I’m Beensent.

How was your first half of the year? As mentioned before, I’m here knocking on the door of A Room of One’s Own with your July tarot fortune reading. If you havn’t read the ‘How to Use’ content yet, I recommend you check that out first. I spoke alot about tarot and how I read it so that you can get even more immersed in the reading.

Even if you haven’t read the previous

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