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Good News Tarot - How to Use

Good News Tarot - How to Use

Prejudice - X, Fun - O

Good News Tarot - How to Use

To be continued : Serial Content with surprising news every time Beensent, a firm but friendly tarot reader, is here to sympathize with you. Even if you can't find a clear answer, you can prepare for that less lonely and less hopeless day that’s coming soon.

Standing at the crossroads of life, 

Have you ever thought you wish someone could make the decision for you?

Have you ever felt like even you don’t know how you really feel? I’ve felt that a lot. Whenever that happens, it can seem like there’s no one you can confide in. If you complain to your friends you feel guilty for dragging down the mood with your bad energy, if you talk to your parents you feel like you’re just causing them to worry. Sometimes all you can do is try to soothe your frustrations by thinking ‘I guess this is adulthood’.

It’s pretty harsh if you think about it. One day, like an alien who crash landed on Earth, you became an adult and have to make all the decisions on your own in this harsh world. If this is adulthood, who am I to complain? But at least once, no, more than that, you'll find yourself all alone when you really need guidance. There are many good ways to get through that moment, but I recommend reading the tarot cards for help.

What do tarot cards know?!! Your right, they can’t tell you the correct answer. However...

This question comes up often. Do you really see the future and know all the answers by reading tarot cards? While each tarot reader may have their own thoughts, for me I would say no.

For me, tarot cards aren’t a means of predicting the future. Since you can’t truly talk to yourself, you use the power of the cards to answer for you. For example, I pull out a card and the picture has a knife stabbing something. I then think about what situation in my life feels like there is a knife stabbing it, the more I think about it the more I can roughly pick something out.

🤭 : Oh right, there’s that.

🤨 : So my situation is like this.

🤔 : So then what should I do now?

And then I choose another card. The process described above repeats again.

Of course, when thinking of the future, you can make guesses about things that could happen in the next few months ahead. But that’s just what the me of that moment thinks about the me of a few months later. If you pick a card at another time, it will come out differently. I think it’s important to recognise that you're not looking into an absolute, irreplaceable future.

Nevertheless, I read tarot cards. Why? Because it's fun. Regardless, we have no idea what’s going to happen in the future, but it’s fun to give and receive little hints about this and that. I think it's great if you can hold on to the good things and pass by on the bad things and put your mind at ease.

When I need some advice during this painful adult life,

🙃 : What if you try this?

😯 : You should be careful about this.

🥺 : This is how you’re feeling right now.

That’s why I couldn’t resist the tarot cards that listen and sympathize with me. It seems a waste for me to keep this fun and comfort to myself, so I’m going to visit and share tarot contents with our roomies. Are you looking forward to it? I’m excited!

Read without prejudice so no one is left out

If you go to a standard tarot reader, as soon as you sit down they will ask if you have a boyfriend, because your a girl, you must obviously be curious about dating, or they start talking about pregnancy and babies… if you’ve ever been I’m sure you’ve had this experience.

Don't keep accepting it by saying 'Oh, tarot itself is just old school that’s why~'. Beensent promises to read your cards from the perspective of an independent, enterprising woman in a thoroughly appropriate way for this era here in A Room of One’s Own.

Of course, like all traditions passed down through history, tarot reading has a lot of old and outdated biases. However, it’s 2021 now right? My life isn’t defined by having a boyfriend. I think that modern tarot readers shouldn’t stay stuck in those boring prejudices. It’s especially a big problem when someone visits a tarot reader after having a really difficult time and the reader irresponsibly says something to hurt them even more!

That’s why, rather than aiming for the ‘correct answers’, I prefer to write the ‘good answers’, that anyone can enjoy comfortably. When look at the cards, I will deliver a reading that won’t hurt or alienate anyone, and will bring joy. The worlds runs quickly and conveniently with all it’s prejudices, including gender stereotypes, but I want to take my time, and take care of the people around me as I move. Let’s move forward together.

Beensent’s general tarot should be used like this

Moving forward, I'm going to help you all with your tarot cards so that you can talk to and understand yourself. It's known as a general tarot reading. You can choose one of the tarot card bundles I've already pulled out and then read the tarot reading that fits that number.

Before we look at the cards, I'd like to share my own tarot reading principle. The first principle is that we should aim for a better future. There's a lot of room for interpretation with the term better, but I won’t define it for you. Just to add my own advice, keep the past as a lesson in some corner of your mind, but don't bring it up too often. Instead, try to read so that those moments can be expressed as better opportunities in the future.

But I don't know if you'll accept the reading as I intend, as more people will see this tarot than I thought. So while reading it, if you find yourself thinking "Huh? I don’t think this is right?”, you can go back to the beginning and pick the cards again. Also, if you feel a little uncomfortable, if you don't think it will help you find a better future, you don't have to finish reading. It's not about predicting the future, it's just for your well-being. Always remember the first principle.

If you've read this far, I think you're ready to enjoy the fun of tarot with me. I'm going to take a look at everyone’s monthly horoscope, love and sex centered around ‘me’, career and talent related topics from a feminist point of view. See you again in A Room of One’s Own! Good-bye!

Good fortune is already upon us! Peek through the tarot’s in advance!! 바른말 타로 몰아보기


  • Take in the good, skip over the bad, read the tarot cards! why… because it’s fun!
  • Presenting tarot reading content that anyone and everyone can read comfortably
  • However, make sure to read the precautions in this articles last 3 paragraphs!
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