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A Village in Bali, A Beer soaked Kiss

A Village in Bali, A Beer soaked Kiss

Soundscape Theatre

A Village in Bali, A Beer soaked Kiss

🏝️ In the peaceful town of Ubud in Bali, you walk hand in hand with your lover.

The sudden downpour of tropical rain feels like a surprise even just for the two of you. 🌿 In the middle of a dense jungle under the bright green leaves and the swaying dance of shadows.

You lean forward to rest your damp forehead on theirs and then your lips meet…

▶ Press the 'Start' button to journey into the tropical rainfall.

Sound Scape
  • Escape reality, open the door to a new world
  • Travel to all of Earth’s exotic places, and romantic moments
  • Perfectly reproduced sounds lead your soul to its exact destination
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