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How to Get Over a UTI fast!

How to Get Over a UTI fast!

Is cranberry juice really all that good?

How to Get Over a UTI fast!

Quick, Fast and Easy Answers. For more information on UTI’s try our article on Urinary Tract Infections here.

UTI, Why you Should Know About Them

In 2017, 1.56 million people received hospital treatment for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in South Korea, of which around 95% were women. In the United States UTI’s cost an estimated $2.8 billion in healthcare every year.

Anyone who has experienced a UTI fears it’s return. That tingling feeling every time you try to pee. Sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes but nothing comes out properly. As soon as you leave the bathroom you feel the need to turn around and go straight back in again. The symptoms of a UTI are trivial but annoying, and can impact every part of your day.

If you don’t want to become the person constantly looking for the bathroom every where you go, learn about UTI’s in advance. Learn how to recognize the symptoms early and treat it fast.

UTI, Symptoms Checklist

The first step is to find out the main symptoms of a UTI, and check your physical condition. If you meet any one of the conditions and are experiencing any discomfort in your daily life, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Potential Symptoms : in the bathroom
  • I feel pain or a stinging when I urinate
  • There is blood in my urine
  • My urine is dark, murky, or smells bad
  • I need to pee often but not much comes out
  • I pee more than eight times a day

Potential Symptoms : in daily life
  • I feel pain, pressure, and cramps in the lower part of my stomach
  • I have a slight fever and chills
  • I need to pee more often than usual
  • I feel sick and tired all the time

UTI, How to Get Over it Fast

The best way to get over a UTI fast is simple. Get treatment fast.

This may sound too obvious, but it can’t be helped. Getting medical treatment fast is the most important thing. Many people ignore minor symptoms and delay treatment until the disease has fully developed. In some cases, reoccurrence happens repeatedly because the wrong medicine is taken without medical advice, and proper health care steps are not followed.

First Stop; to a doctor

If you suspect you have a UTI, the first step should be the see your doctor. Explain your symptoms and receive a proper diagnosis. If you have an acute infection you will be prescribed antibiotics. If you take the prescribed medicine properly you should be back in good health within 2 days. 90% of UTI patients report symptoms clearing within 72 hours of starting antibiotics.

If you can’t see your doctor

Sometimes its too late, or too far to get to the doctors. Or you might not be able to get an appointment right away. In those cases don’t just put up with the pain. Painkillers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Brufen, Nurofen) or acetaminophen (Tylenol, Paracetamol, Panadol) can help temporarily. Treat the symptoms until you can see a doctor. At the end of the day only a doctor can prescribe the antibiotics that you need for treatment.

If antibiotics don’t work...?

Prescribed antibiotics should be taken as instructed even after the symptoms have improved. In some cases treatment only needs to be taken ones, but the standard is 3 days. If you stop taking the medication arbitrarily, it could lead to a chronic UTI.

If you don’t get better after taking antibiotics, you should see a doctor again to determine the cause. Treatment varies depending on the situation, such as antibiotic resistance or physical abnormalities.

UTI, Some Interesting Studies

Super foods for UTI treatment or prevention.

Do they really work?

Let’s check the facts.

Cranberry Juice?

→ Effect : (Maybe) The Jury is Still Out

Cranberries have long been known as the ‘best urinary health supplement’. However, most doctors do not recognize their effects. Numerous studies have been conducted to determine their efficacy, but the results have been inconclusive. Several small studies have shown evidence that cranberries can help treat UTI’s, but larger studies have not.

Nevertheless, in 2020 the FDA acknowledged that cranberries could have a 'limited' effect on urinary tract diseases, including UTI’s. Juice containing at least 27% cranberry, and 500mg cranberry supplements, can be advertised as having a "limited effect on reducing the recurrence of urinary tract disease."

→ If You Do Try It : Check the PAC Content

Experts advise that when purchasing cranberry products, check the Cranberry Proanthocyanidin (PAC) ingredients along with the actual cranberry content. It is said that taking PAC’s, an anti-inflammatory ingredient, can prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. However, if the concentration is not sufficient, the effect may be insignificant, so be careful. Sometimes cranberry juice is just a sour drink.


→ Effect : (To an extent) Verified

Unlike cranberries, there is ample scientific evidence that Probiotics can help prevent UTI’s and reduce recurrence.

Probiotics containing "Lactobacillus rhamnosus" and "Lactobacillus fermentum" have been found to normalize bacterial flora in the vagina and reduce the recurrence of UTI’s. It can be a long-term treatment for pregnant women and women vulnerable to UTI’s.

Some studies have shown that 86% of patients with chronic UTI’s saw results through steady administration of probiotic vaginal agents, and that the recurrence rate decreased for about a year even after treatment was stopped.

→ If You Want To Try It: Consult your Doctor

Talk to your doctor and get recommendations for a probiotic supplement that is effective for your symptoms.

Of course, the best policy is to not get a UTI. Read about the proper preventive measures in our article ‘Urinary Tract Infections’. Find out what UTI’s are attracted to, and what they avoid.

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