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What's the Grade of Your Menstrual Pain?

What's the Grade of Your Menstrual Pain?

It hurts just because it’s menstruation (nope)

What's the Grade of Your Menstrual Pain?

Quick, Fast and Easy Answers. For more information on Menstrual Pain try our article here.

Menstrual pain is not normal

  • 90% of women who menstruate experience menstrual pain
  • 20% of women who menstruate experience menstrual pain

Which of these two sentences is correct?

Science says that both are correct. Menstrual pain does not receive much attention despite being an uncomfortable element that greatly affects women’s lives. A study indicates that 90% of women have painful periods while another study indicates it is 20%. This difference is due to the absence of a universal way to define menstrual pain.

Doctors and women take for granted that menstrual pain is normal and that the pain is about the same for every woman. But there are scholars who say that there are many different conditions of menstrual pain that affect people differently depending on their individual situation. These scholars suggest a 4-grade system to distinguish menstrual pain. This was created to allow women and doctors to speak realistically about menstrual pain.

It’s important to acknowledge that menstrual pain is different for everyone by learning about the 4-grade system.

4 Grades for Menstrual Pain

There is no pain during your period.
Agree → Grade 0 Your period is not painful and does not affect your daily activities. You have no issue working and do not have particular symptoms. Painkillers are not required. 🙅Disagree → Go to 2 👇
You do have pain during your period, but it doesn't affect your daily activities.
Agree → Grade 1 You have some pain, but it rarely affects normal physical activities. It does not affect your working ability and you do not have any symptoms other than mild pain. You seldom need painkillers.

🙅 Disagree → Go to 3 👇

Does the pain during your period greatly affect your activities? Does it result in being absent from school or cancelling appointments?
Yes → Grade 2 The pain affects your daily activities. You feel pain all over your body and it takes time to relieve the pain. Painkillers are always needed. 🙅 It’s worse than that → Go to 4 👇
Is it difficult to move during your period? Do you also have symptoms including headache or vomiting along with abdominal pain or pelvic pain?
Yes → Grade 3 Your daily activities are restrained. You have severe pain affecting your whole body and additional symptoms of headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. Painkillers are not effective or cause an adverse reaction.

Did you get grade 2 or 3? If your menstrual pain is affecting your life, you should see a doctor! Dr. Paul Weber, a gynecologist in the U.S., points out that despite 90% of women experiencing pain during their period, only 15% visit the hospital. You should try to actively seek ways to reduce pain. Take care of your body!!

Factors related to menstrual pain

Which people feel more pain?

Let’s look at major risk factors of menstrual pain revealed through studies. It’s not because you sinned a lot in your previous life.

🦥 Long periods

There is a higher chance of having severe menstrual pain if your period lasts for more than 7 days.

🥜 Inherited

If someone in your family has severe menstrual pain, you are also likely to have severe pain.

Coffee lover

There is a higher chance of having severe menstrual pain if you drink 3 cups of coffee a day or more.

🔥 Stressor

Stress levels can affect the severity of menstrual pain.

🍟 Junk food eater

Eating high amounts of sugar, salty foods, fried foods, fast foods, and sweetened beverages could be associated with menstrual pain.

Why is it so painful? What can you do to reduce the pain? If you want to find out more about menstrual pain check out our detailed article ‘Menstrual Cramps’ here.


  • Don't simply accept menstrual pain as a fact of life.
  • You should actively seek solutions if your painful period is causing discomfort in your daily life.
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