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Breast Self-Exam

Breast Self-Exam

My breasts, my judgement

Breast Self-Exam


Detecting breast cancer early is extremely important as it is a disease with a high survival rate when caught in the early stages. The easiest way to detect breast cancer early is through regular self-examination. Examine your breasts using just your hands and your eyes. If you notice anything slightly suspicious it is best to immediately go to the hospital.

3-Step Self-Exam Once A Month

✔️ The Time of Examination

  • For women who are still menstruating : 3-5 days after the end of menstruation
  • For women who have stopped menstruating : A designated date every month

✔️Step 1. In Front of a Mirror

  • Observe any changes in the shape of your breasts and nipples, and for any lumps or dimples on the skin
    1. Observe both breasts with your arms down by your sides.
    1. Observe when clasping your hands behind your head and pressing your hands forward.
    1. Press your hands firmly on your hips and bend slightly forward as you pull your shoulders and elbows forward.

✔️ Step 2. Standing Up

  • Feel for any lumps:
    1. Raise the arm of the side your examining. Use your other hand to firmly press the breast to feel any lumps. You can feel the lumps better by using the pads of your fingers.
    1. Check if there are any lumps or areas in which the skin has became thicker by drawing a concentric circle.
    1. Gently squeeze the nipples to check for any abnormal discharge.

✔️ Step 3. Lying Down

  • Supplement Step 2 Exam
    1. Lie on your back and place a towel under the shoulder of the side to check, then raise your arm and use your other hand to check by following step 2.

✔️ When a Medical Examination is Needed from a Specialist

  • If the skin has gotten thicker or there is a lump in the breast
  • If the breasts are swollen, red, or feverish
  • If there is any abnormal discharge from the nipples
  • If there is pain in any part of the breast


  • Regularly perform a self-exam every month (check for shape, growth or discharge)
  • If any new symptoms have appeared since your previous exam seek medical examination by a specialist

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