Menstruation and Dieting

Menstruation and Dieting

What you need to know even if you're not on a diet

Menstruation and Dieting


You don't gain weight no matter how much you eat on your period? The week after your period is the golden time for dieting? We’ve heard the stories at least once, but is there any grain of truth behind them? Let's check it out scientifically. Menstruation is not an obstacle to dieting and weight management becomes much easier when you know what's going on in your body throughout your cycle.

A Menstruation Guide for Dieters

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like I gain weight before my period. Is it just me?
Confirmed Result : Normal. No need to worry.

Many women experience symptoms of bloating and swelling before menstruation. In fact, you can gain between 1 t

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