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Can you take a Bath on your Period?

Can you take a Bath on your Period?

It’s okay! As long as you're doing this...

Can you take a Bath on your Period?

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If they say you can’t, You want to do it even more

When menstrual cramps are so painful it feels like your back will break, your stomach feels chilled and your whole body shakes, and you look over at that steaming bathtub of hot water.. You feel like you shouldn’t, but you still want to give in to temptation. Let's look at safe ways to enjoy a hot bath during menstruation. Perhaps unexpectedly, experts don't ask you to 'unconditionally' avoid bathtubs during menstruation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Bath during menstruation!

🙆‍♀️ Bathing during menstruation helps relieve headaches and back pain naturally because it calms the body and relieves muscle tension.

🙅‍♀️ However, it may be unsanitary because menstrual blood is likely to leak out into the bathtub. During menstruation, it is recommended to avoid contact with bath water that may be unsanitary as the cervix relaxes and expands more than usual, increasing the risk of cervical infection.

So, what if you take a bath in clean water with the entrance to the cervix well blocked? Tampons are the answer to taking a bath during menstruation.

What about bathing while using a tampon?

You can wear tampons even in the shower or bath. If you use a tampon, you can enjoy a clean and comfortable bath. This is because tampons prevent menstrual blood from leaving the vagina and also block the entrance of the uterus from directly contacting the water to some extent. However, the tampon should be replaced immediately after bathing. This is because the tampon absorbs water during the bath, which reduces its ability to absorb menstrual blood.

Before getting in the bath, Check this!

If you want to get into the bathtub during menstruation, you should make sure the bath is clean. If the bathtub is dirty, it could lead to a vaginal infection. Clean the bathtub and your body first before taking a bath. Bath time should be within 15 minutes so that it is not too long. If you have anemia, you should refrain from taking a bath. This is because taking a hot bath while there is a lack of blood in the body during menstruation can affect the blood pressure.

Hot water increases menstrual blood?

You may have heard that taking a hot bath or shower increases the amount of menstrual blood. But not all scholars agree with that. Dr. Lucky Sekhon, an endocrinologist in New York, says, "taking a bath cannot affect the flow of your period," adding, "Your lining of your uterus continues to break down and shed, whether immersed in water or not."

How should I wash my vulva during menstruation?

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that can secrete mucus to clean dead cells and menstrual blood even during menstruation. Therefore, it is enough to just clean the area around the vagina with clean, warm water. You should take a shower or bath at least once a day during menstruation, and it is recommended to avoid vaginal sanitizers or fragrant body washes. In particular, you should take care to rinse from the front to the back, and make sure the shower flow remains directed outside the body, not inside.

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