Secrets of the Clitoris 3

Secrets of the Clitoris 3

Is it the size of a bean?

Secrets of the Clitoris 3

A deeper dive into information not covered in External Genitalia

We can see with our eyes only a very small part of the clitoris. The tip of the iceberg. Which accurately reflects how little we know about the clitoris. Let’s took a closer look at this organ, the center point of the women's orgasm which doesn't get the attention it deserves. Of the 99 secrets held by the Clitoris, we’ve chosen our top 3.

It’s bigger than you thought.

The real clitoris is more the size of a peach than a bean.

The clitoris we see with our eyes is just a fraction. The bean-sized ‘clitoral glan’ is connected to much bigger systems within the pelvis such as the legs and body.

The true shape o

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